New Cinematographic Institute for the Master of Light

Credit: Bukowskis

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Film     2010-06-22

New Cinematographic Institute for the Master of Light

In August, unique objects of the world famous Cinematographer Sven Nykvist are to be sold at Bukowskis, the leading Nordic auction house. Proceeds from the auction sale will be used to establish the Sven Nykvist Cinematography Institute.

On August 31st, a collection of film objects by the world famous Cinematographer Sven Nykvist will be sold at an auction at Bukowskis.

The auction features Sven Nykvist’s first camera, film clappers from international film productions, several viewfinders, light meters, photographs from film sets, the film camera from the Gycklarnas afton a.k.a. Sawdust and Tinsel (1953), directed by Ingmar Bergman and large number of other memorabilia.

Sven Nykvist was one the world most renowned cinematographers. His career started as early as in 1943 and included the amazing number of 130 films.

Sven Nykvist began working with Ingmar Bergman in 1953 where he filmed Gycklarnas afton a.k.a. Sawdust and Tinsel. Their cooperation continued until 1983 and their films are regarded as Bergman’s most important productions.

Sven Nykvist was awarded two Oscars for Best Cinematography, in 1973 för Viskningar och rop a.k.a. Cries and Wispers and in 1983 for Fanny och Alexander a.k.a. Fanny and Alexander. He also received great international recognition and attention for his extraordinary and masterly ability to seize the light.

During his long career, Sven Nykvist worked with many of the world’s greatest directors, such as John Houston, Roman Polanski, Louis Malle, Woody Allen, Andrei Tarkovsky, Nora Ephron, Jan Troell, Lasse Hallström, Bob Fosse and Richard Attenborough.

Proceeds from the auction sale of Sven Nykvists film memorabilia will contribute to the foundation of Sven Nykvist Cinematography Institute, a cinematographical educational centre based on Sven Nykvists strong visions, artistic ideals and invaluable legacy to world cinema for more than half a decade.

- After 55 year as cinematographer and 130 films my father has become part of film history. Among other engagements he was Professor at Dramatiska Institutet (University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre) in Stockholm. There he was very passionate in conveying his vast experience of the art of cinematography to his students. It is therefore important and exciting to establish an institute of cinematography in his spirit, said Carl-Gustaf Nykvist, son, director and cinematographer.

The institute will have an international profile and target professional cinematographers, photographers and art photography students at universities around the world.

Sven Nykvist was born in Moheda, Kronoberg, Sweden on December 3rd, 1922. He recieved his training at the Stockholm City Photographer School. In the end of the 1930-ties he joined Sellman-film and thereafter worked at Sandrew Film, one of the leading film production and distribution companies in the Nordic, as Director of Photography for many years. Sven Nykvist passed away September 20, 2006.